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The message contains a number of untruths, including that you will be charged for telemarketing calls and that you must call a phone number to be removed from the list. An article in fact-finding site Snopes about the subject says that the rumor may have originated in around a misunderstanding about the proposed creation of a wireless directory assistance service.

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Registrations never expire. Originally, customers were required to re-register their number after five years on the registry, but the FCC changed this in Now, telemarketers are required to honor all registrations indefinitely, so the registrations will not automatically expire. Customers no longer need to re-register their numbers to continue their preference not to receive telemarketing calls.

Businesses with which you have an established business relationship are not required to follow the do not call rules. They can call you for up to 18 months from your last purchase, payment or delivery, even if your number is on the National Do Not Call Registry. Companies with which you have made an inquiry or submitted an application can call you for three months, but if you ask a company not to call you, it must honor your request.

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Calls regarding political and religious speech are also not subject to the do not call requirements. To avoid such calls, read all fine print before filling out sweepstakes or other contest forms. You may be establishing a business relationship, giving the company permission to call you. You can also ask companies and organizations to place you on their internal do not call lists.

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This list is made accessible to the marketers by law, but consumers can request to not be included. Personal wireless phone users can add their numbers to the national registry. The government does not maintain a separate national wireless phone registry.

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