Lun id numbers not showing up

Only the new created LUN has problems.

I think there is a wrong device link or so. Thanks for your Help!

Do RDMs still rely on LUN ID?

Can it be that this is the reason why I can not use the new disk? If yes, how can I change this?

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Thanks in advanced! Alas, sometimes a reboot seems necessary to clean up some HBA issues.

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BTW did you restart your servers? Hello, yes, I can see the lun with scli. Can you read to that device? Hello, here are the files you asked for.

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However, our Hitachi vendor let me know that there are no identifiers that she can find that match up, with anything CLOSE, to what I'm seeing. Hallo Larold, Are you able to post the multipath. May I can help you. I am not able to post a reaction then next monday Regards, Eric. Originally Posted by larold.

Is it ok if a datastore has 2 different lun numbers? : vmware

Example: Code:. If that is not possible, to morrow I can give you an example. Regards, Eric. Originally Posted by innocenti. Hallo Larold, Do you need an output like: Code:. Let me know if that doesn't make sense.

Matching the HBA ports with Disk Controllers

There are other ways to achieve the same result, BTW. Originally Posted by anomie. Search this Thread Advanced Search. BB code is On. Smilies are On.

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All times are GMT The time now is AM. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Search Blogs. Advanced Search. Once I was done creating my scripts I brought up my second question to the storage administrators on the team and they said many systems have a limitation on the highest LUN number accepted.

How to find HBA details & Storage Connectivity on Red Hat Linux Physical Server

This led me to look at the Configuration Maximums document. Testing In order to test the configuration maximum I removed both LUNs from the test storage group and added them back via the command line such that the configuration was as follows: No matter what the Configuration Maximums document actual meant about the LUN ID maximum, this configuration should prove which was valid. I then added an ESXi host to the storage group and from the vSphere client navigated from the host to: Configuration — Storage Adapters.

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Hey Brendon — Thanks for the comment! Perhaps it was hiding somewhere and he did not know where it was. You have saved me having to do the same investigation that you performed 4 years ago! Your email address will not be published.

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