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Death records if fifty years have passed after the date of death. Preservation of public records. All records made or received by public officials or employees of this state or the counties and incorporated cities and towns of this state in the course of their public duties are the property of this state. Except as provided in this article, the director and every other custodian of public records shall carefully protect and preserve the records from deterioration, mutilation, loss or destruction and, when advisable, shall cause them to be properly repaired and renovated.

The state library shall establish, operate and maintain a trusted electronic records repository to keep, preserve, secure and make available the electronic and digitized records of the state archives and the state documents program and of any documents and public records received pursuant to section , subject to legislative appropriation.

Records shall not be destroyed or otherwise disposed of by any agency of this state unless it is determined by the state library that the record has no further administrative, legal, fiscal, research or historical value.

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Title 41, chapter 1, article 2. Electronic records repository fund; exemption.

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The electronic records repository fund is established consisting of legislative appropriations, gifts, nonfederal grants, fees and donations. Electronic records repository; Maricopa county. The Maricopa county clerk of the superior court shall appropriate sufficient monies to the electronic records repository fund established by section Appropriation; electronic records repository; FTE position. View Top 50 Searches.

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  • Depository of official archives A. The state library shall make birth and death records held in the state library archives available for inspection as follows: 1. Preservation of public records A. Electronic records repository fund; exemption A. Electronic records repository; Maricopa county The Maricopa county clerk of the superior court shall appropriate sufficient monies to the electronic records repository fund established by section An RRDS serves as the official authorization to destroy records on an ongoing basis, and must bear the signature of the Director of the Department of Library Archives and Public Records to be valid.

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    RRDS may be revised and updated as necessary but each revision must be approved by the state before it can be used to authorize destruction of records. When should I pack files for storage? We recommend packing records at the end of each fiscal year every July so that records produced during a single year are retained and destroyed together. When should I destroy records?

    You should always destroy records immediately after the end of the required retention period UNLESS there is a pending university appeal or pending litigation related to the records.

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    In those instances you are required to retain the materials until the appeal or litigation is completed. NEVER destroy related records after you have been informed of pending litigation or appeal. Certificate of Records Destruction Forms are available for download. Remember that the certificate requires you to refer to the RRDS that authorizes destruction of your records. The certificates now require the ASU records officer to sign off, so complete the form and send it to the University Archivist. The Archivist then reviews and signs the form, authorizes the destruction and forwards it to the Arizona Records Management Division.

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    Who can retrieve materials that I've already sent to Surplus Property for temporary storage? If you have sent archival materials to University Archives, contact Archives staff for assistance. How do I handle electronic records? Electronic records are required to be maintained for exactly the same length of time as paper records performing the same function or bearing the same record series title, unless the applicable RRDS identifies separate retention periods for each format. For example, if there is a RRDS in force that requires hardcopy student residency applications to be kept for three years and you convert this process to an electronic database, the database files containing the residency applications must be maintained for three years and must be accessible, authentic and useable.

    Scanning or imaging of public records requires approval by the Arizona Records Management Division before the system is implemented. Why do I have to do all this paperwork? Because you are an employee of the State of Arizona, you have a legal obligation to preserve records so they can be made available to Arizona citizens unless they are deemed confidential by law or ASU policy.

    Records management programs serve as a system for managing records that balances the need for public access against the need for efficient office management. Records management saves taxpayer dollars by insuring that expensive office space is not filled with obsolete records, and it also guarantees that a record of the public business is available for inspection for a reasonable period of time.

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    In addition, A. Skip to main content. Information for Records Schedules RRDS In order to temporarily store records off-site or to destroy records, any ASU office must consult an approved RRDS that addresses the specific kinds of records to be stored and when they can be legally destroyed. Records storage and destruction Temporary off-site storage for non-archival records is available at Surplus Property, and an approved RRDS is required for accessing temporary records storage space at Surplus. When you contact us we will ask you: What office are you calling from?