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The latest performance Ratings of all Door Locks. Select the options that apply to your project Roof Style, Size, Colors etc. Plus, you and your family will feel safe and secure with a quality entry door. I bought the bus in April of and finished it June of , so it took about a year and three months.

The door was significantly narrower than the bus opening, so some building was required. Starting Your Skoolie Conversion. The school bus camper even includes a little bed for their 2-year-old daughter, who so far is loving the skoolie life.

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Door locks are typically designed to fit a door that is around 1. This allows us to put a regular locking doorknob. Just install pins to the door as shown.

On this occasion, Rachael and her father found a solid wood door on one of their adventures and brought it home to be used on the skoolie. Custom cabinets. This is a really I wnat to remove the four windows from the front door and then weld them together to create a better system for entering and exiting the bus, that you then can lock etc, I willl post pics as I get them, but does anyone have some insite into removeing the door windows.

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The front entrance to the house only has one window and the no-light door. All sleek and smooth just like the newer style High End Coaches. A radiant wood stove that does not have a built-in heat shield requires at least three feet of air space between the stove and any combustible material, including wooden studs hidden behind drywall. Side door frame — DONE. Space was a major consideration. Best airstream makeover ideas on a budget 18 There was an industrial house building of some type, the interior wasn't finished, but it was not a construction website.

Some people use smart locks, others use security doors or door security bars, and some use doorbell cameras. Gallery Front Door Flash. We offer a variety of school bus brands, in a range of different sizes and models, to suit your transportation needs. Used for storage now but was used to live in while house was being built.

I cut down a 30" wide door that I got locally off of Craigslist.

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The height is made to be a little higher than the front stock entrance to the school bus. Some framing done. The one works great up until its a cloudy day hot day. The new ones work like a charm and make the chest much more serviceable. When we were thinking about ways to lock the front door on our skoolie, we wanted it to still look like a school bus door while being as secure as a door in our house.

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In laws were passed that school buses could not be longer than 40 foot in length. Skoolie Front Doors: Once the drip edge was up, the humans got to work modifying the front school bus doors. Roll-up curtains are reminiscent of old-fashioned window treatments and offer a whimsical charm. Plus the back door swings open and there's room for extra cables shore power cables, extra extension cords, snow chains, snow shovel, etc. New adventures are just outside the family's new front door.

For the double door, I removed the original hardware, and fabricated my own over-center style latch that was smaller. Doudle, enameled cast irin sink. The windows roll down and blow fresh air and she loves it. Presenting Bus International in stock here.

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The fridge can drain it if you aren't driving around. The Lupine is going to a home with a great view looking out over a cliff. We'll replace the front door with a steel door. Learn More Skoolie Tour. August1 Been on the road for a month and way behind. The Vagabond Skoolie Bus. This is a sq. As you may make a go at this project with just about any budget, it's important to bear in mind The Hardcover of the Skoolie!

The back door is wider than the front door Sunshine, VR Owner at 'Skoolie'- The Emerald Gypsy - school bus conversion, With no up-front fees and no contract, you keep more for yourself. Our Skoolie Hump! Our bus is a bit different. Safety bar on front. Just began pulling the front sheet metal off so I can start prepping for the engine install. That fluid flows along inside the hoses on the driver side of the bus, servicing the rear heater unit and the main heater unit at the front of the bus before returning to the engine bay.

The Skoolie Hump goes the other way. Next weekend is the front lock, finish deleting the windows we dont need and then on to framing. Search and find tiny houses for sale and rent on the Tiny House Marketplace, all for free. Side door battery compartment. It currently works great as storage and a workshop. Showcasing bus international and much more for sale this week.

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  • Browse School Bus available for sale here! Easily find what you need from 1,, parts available. All windows good except one side of front is cracked. I'm also considering framing the emergency door in the back. Seems a shame too but that thing was a ton. This retired bus was transformed into an amazing tiny home with a full-size kitchen, bedroom, and even a bathroom with a shower!

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    Jim and Debbie Gadberry from Life Is A Joy retired a couple of years ago so they could finish building out their skoolie and travel full-time. Professional rock climber Alex Honnold is one of the main reasons that I have removed the necessary school features flashing lights, stop sign, front gate, etc. In this article, we will discuss how we removed our seats and what tools were used. Dealing with baseboard styles can be pretty challenging. Front and rear door locks. Pretty huge by tiny house standards. Tiny Home Tours , views Certainly didn't expect to see you in this subreddit.

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    Skoolie is currently parked in Oklahoma and we will be bringing it back to Dallas on our property if we don't find a good home for her : Too much to list but here are a few highlights: Originally a Austin, TX School Bus International 72 passenger 40ft TE Diesel V8 with Allison 4 Speed Auto Transmission The Lupine is a 32 ft tiny house on a gooseneck trailer. If anyone knows that thread please let me know Prepping and painting the bus really became a family affair. The couple specifically This retired bus was transformed into an amazing tiny home with a full-size kitchen, bedroom, and even a bathroom with a shower!