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The livescan will capture both fingerprint images and demographic information, and electronically transmit that data to the Criminal Records Unit for further processing. Scheduling an appointment is encouraged, as this is the best and most efficienct way to process an applicant requiring fingerprints.

To schedule an appointment for fingerprinting, please call: Scheduling an appointment has its benefits over walk-ins. If you call to schedule a livescan fingerprinting appointment, the operator will explain the fingerprinting process, the required paperwork you are to bring with you, and the fee you will be charged. Appointments are also more convenient for the applicant, knowing the exact time they will be served and allowing the flexibility of planning the remainder of their day.

Please call and ask to be scheduled for applicant or licensee fingerprinting. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time and expect the process to take approximately 15 minutes.

CBC Instructions

A hour notice is requested for all cancellations. The established protocol is for the applicant to schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted. Scheduled appointments take priority, and a walk-in may be delayed up to an hour or more until a time slot is available. The Division of State Police maintains six applicant livescan sites.

The locations and addresses are:. Each week thereafter while in a temporary adjustment, Salem Livescan will be open every Tuesday and Thursday. Please call to schedule an appointment. We apologize for any inconvenience. Whether the applicant fingerprints are captured by ink or livescan, it is imperative that the correct New Hampshire statutory cite RSA is noted that authorizes access to the FBI record database for that applicant. At their employing School Advisory Unit, school district, or charter school, the applicant must complete the School Employee Criminal History Records Check — RSA a form, have the form notarized, obtain a fingerprint card, or instructions to be fingerprinted by a livescan, and pay the fee of either employing School Advisory Unit, school district, or charter school.

Specific forms and instructions may be obtained by choosing the appropriate website. Genetic Counselors. Occupational Therapists. Physical Therapists. Recreational Therapists. Respiratory Care Specialists.

Requesting FBI Records

Speech-Language Therapists. The process begins by filing a Petition to Annul with the court of jurisdiction. The primary objective of UCR is to collect a reliable set of crime statistics to use in the administration, operation and management of law enforcement agencies. Please read additional information on offenses. The reports on the website use a variety of measures, i. By clicking on Help — Tutorials you will bring up instructions on creating your own reports.

The public website is now available. Caution against Ranking Every year various state agencies; the media, the public, and other groups, rush to use the reported crime statistics to compile city or county rankings. Postal Service. FBI-approved Channelers receive the fingerprint submission and relevant data, collect the associated fee s , electronically forward the fingerprint submission with the necessary information to the FBI for a national Identity History Summary check, and receive the electronic summary check result for dissemination to the individual.

Please note that an FBI-approved Channeler may have different methods or processes for submissions. Contact each Channeler for costs, processing times, and availability in your area. An individual requesting an Identity History Summary or proof that a summary does not exist through FBI-approved Channelers should contact the Channeler directly for complete information and instructions. If you are requesting a background check for employment or licensing within the U. Department of Justice has advised that the state statute establishing guidelines for a category of employment or the issuance of a license must, in itself, require fingerprinting and authorize the governmental licensing or employing agency to exchange fingerprint data directly with the FBI.

Department of Justice Order may not meet employment requirements. You should contact the agency requiring the fingerprinting or the appropriate state identification bureau for the correct procedures to follow. Contact information for each state is provided on the State Identification Bureau listing.

Several states maintain their own record system. Record updates are made at the state level only, so the FBI cannot change its records. Contact information for states maintaining records at the state level is provided on the State-Maintained Records listing. If you submitted a challenge request electronically directly to the FBI, you will receive a response electronically and an option to receive a response by First-Class Mail via the U. Your written request should clearly identify the information that you feel is inaccurate or incomplete and should include copies of any available proof or supporting documentation to support your claim.

For example, if your disposition information is incorrect or missing, you may submit documentation obtained from the court having control over the arrest or the office prosecuting the offense. The FBI will contact appropriate agencies in an attempt to verify or correct challenged entries for you. Upon receipt of an official communication from the agency with control over the data, the FBI will make appropriate changes and notify you of the outcome.

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Do not send personal checks, business checks, or cash, as they are not an acceptable form of payment for Departmental Order DO requests. Personal and business checks submitted with a DO request will not be returned and will be destroyed. The cost to request an Identity History Summary is the same whether it is requested via the mail or electronically. The FBI will provide one sealed response for each request received. You may make as many copies as needed upon receipt of your response. If submitting electronically, you may print as many copies as needed upon your receipt of the electronic response.

Also, if you need additional copies of your response that do not need to be in a sealed envelope, you may make as many copies as needed upon receipt of your response. If you are submitting your request electronically, you will need to contact or identity fbi. Please be sure to sign where required.

If submitting electronically, they must provide the payment information during the request process. The FBI will send an e-mail to the e-mail address provided on the request with a secure link and personal identification number for accessing all results, both foreign and domestic.

Postal Service if this option is selected during the request process. The requests should be processed faster upon receipt of your completed fingerprint card via the mail in the date order they are received. The option to receive status notifications by e-mail may be selected in the Preferences section during the request process. If submitting electronically, the requests should be processed faster upon receipt of your completed fingerprint card via the mail in the date order they are received.

If submitting directly to the FBI, your local, county, or state law enforcement agencies may take your fingerprints for a fee. Also, some printing companies offer this service; check the yellow pages in your telephone book or search online. If using the Channeler option, please contact the FBI-approved Channeler for information on how to get your fingerprints taken.

You should have multiple sets of fingerprints taken, preferably by a fingerprinting technician. This service may be available at a law enforcement agency. Mail all fingerprint cards to the FBI with your request. For more information on taking legible fingerprints, refer to the Recording Legible Fingerprints page. Yes, the FBI will accept FD fingerprint cards on standard white paper stock, but if you go to a law enforcement agency or private fingerprinting agency to be fingerprinted, they may prefer to use a fingerprint card on standard card stock.

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You may use the fingerprint card provided by the printing agency. The FBI will return all results, both foreign and domestic, by U.

Obtaining Criminal History Record Information

First-Class Mail via the U. If you submitted your request electronically, you will receive a response electronically and an option to receive a response by First-Class Mail via the U.

Background Checks and Criminal Records

The name on your response letter will match the name indicated on your fingerprint card when your application, payment, and fingerprint card are submitted via the mail. If submitting electronically, the name on your response letter will match the name that you entered on your electronic DO request. If the last four digits of your Social Security number are needed on your response letter, then please ensure the full nine-digits or last four digits of your Social Security number are on the fingerprint card when submitting your request.

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Please complete and sign the Address Change Request Form and fax it to , or scan the form and e-mail it to identity fbi. If you submitted your request electronically, you may change your address either by using the secure link and personal identification number received during the request process or by e-mail or facsimile as previously stated. Note: Changes will not be made unless a signature is present on the form if submitting via e-mail or facsimile.

Due to automation of the mailing process, the FBI does not accept return self-addressed stamped envelopes with Departmental Order requests. Due to automation of the mailing process, the FBI does not provide Identity History Summary results on blue security paper. All responses will be processed on standard white paper. The FBI will authenticate all U. Department of Justice Order fingerprint search results by placing the FBI seal and the signature of a division official on the results at the time of submission.

Note: The FBI seal is no longer a raised seal.

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Documents authenticated by the FBI may then be sent to the U. Department of State by the requestor to obtain an apostille if necessary. Requests to authenticate previously processed results will not be accepted. Challenges are processed in the date order they are received.