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Article from National Press Photographer's Association. By Gary Haynes January Article from The Digital Journalist.

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By Dirck Halstead June Article from The Butler Eagle. Click Here for more articles about the Corbis long-term film preservation program. By Mark McCormick-Goodhart. Hosted by John P.

Rule 1: Define a Topic and Audience

Free Download! To date, more than one-half million copies of the book have been downloaded! Article from the Journal of the American Institute for Conservation. New Update Just Posted! March Article from dpNOW. By Alexey Erokhin. Article from PCWorld.

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Article from Wall Street Journal April 1, By William M. By Greg Scoblete. Article from Shutterbug Magazine March You May Be Surprised". Two articles from Rochester Democrat and Chronicle April 3, Good question" "Quality of ink, paper important, but test standards remain unsettled". By Ben Rand. Article from Great Output Magazine "Will my inkjet prints last as long as traditional photos?

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Yes, but only if you choose printers, inks, and papers wisely" Interview article by Ray Work on accelerated test methods and the permanence of inkjet photographs. Interview Article from Shutterbug Magazine. Baig discusses obsolescence of digital hardware, software, file formats, problems with the preservation of CDs and DVDs, and the permanence of digitally printed photographs. Digital Photography Article from U. Article also features digital photography pioneer Stephen Johnson. Just Posted!

Print Permanence Ratings for Kodak Hero 9. Kodak Hero 9. Kodak Hero 7. Kodak Hero 6. Kodak Hero 5. Kodak Hero 3.

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Kalman,"Algebraic aspects of the generalized inverse of a rectangular matrix," in Proceedings of Advanced Seminar on Generalized Inverse and Applications , M. Nashed, ed. Craig and B. Steup and J. Griebel M. Richardson, K. Devenport, and H. SPIE , For later SPIE proceedings with a paper number, cite just the number and not any page information.

Gu, F. Shao, G. Jiang, F. Li, and M. Yu, "An objective visibility threshold measurement method for asymmetric stereoscopic images," Proc. Darrel and K. Diehl and T. Visser, "Phase singularities of the longitudinal field components in the focal region of a high-aperture optical system," J. A, doc.

ID posted 11 November , in press.

Marshall are preparing a manuscript to be called "Optical aspects in liquid crystals. Figures will normally be reduced to one column width 8. If a particular figure should not be reduced, a note to that effect should be included with the figure. Figures should be numbered consecutively in the order of appearance and citation in the text. Be sure to cite every figure.

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Handwritten lettering and low-quality computer graphics are not acceptable. Electronic files should be sized as they will appear in the journal and should be accompanied by high-quality laser prints. Files should have a resolution of dpi. Read more explicit information on Electronic Art Submission Guidelines. Color illustrations can be printed in OSA journals; however, it is necessary that the author's institution or funding agency defray the cost of color printing.

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Authors who choose to include color illustrations will be billed according to these charges:. Any figures that are printed in color will also appear in color online. The charge for color reprints depends on the article length. Payment for color reprints is made to Sheridan Press.

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Waivers for printed color will not be granted. Authors who cannot pay color charges must use black and white figures or submit art files that meet requirements for free color online-only. Tables must be numbered. Tables with multiple parts should be split into separate numbered tables [not Table 1 a , Table 1 b , etc. The table title, which should be brief, goes above the table.

Detailed explanations or table footnotes should be typed directly beneath the table, as shown. Tables should use horizontal rules to delimit the top and bottom of the table and column headings. In general, no other rules should be used. Note that tables are typeset, not scanned tables cannot be electronically reduced in size.

Funding sources should be identified by name and contract number in the Acknowledgments section. Optica authors should identify funding sources in dedicated section as shown:. OSA authors are strongly encouraged to upload a thumbnail image to be used next to their article in the Table of Contents and abstract pages of the journal. Authors must submit a. JPG file. The image will be resized to x pixels.

For best results, authors should upload an image this size or an image with square dimensions. No author photos are to be submitted; exceptions must be cleared by the managing editor. The x pixel image will be displayed on the article abstract page and a 50 x 50 pixel image will be displayed on the Table of Contents page. Although a replica of the image does not need to appear in the manuscript itself, it must have a strong connection to the research contained within the paper and must be the property of the author s of the current paper. This means that even if the article does not contain figures, a thumbnail can still be submitted as long as it relates strongly to the research and is original.

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  4. Images containing institution or corporate logos should not be submitted. Note that Optics Letters and letters papers in Optica have a limit of four printed pages. If a paper exceeds this limit, it must be shortened before the paper is accepted. If the page proof is over the four-page limit, the proof must be shortened before the paper can be assigned to a final issue. Authors should use the appropriate Word or LaTeX templates to prepare manuscripts to facilitate length checking.

    If a student-level reader might find your English difficult to understand, please have a colleague who is fluent in English edit your paper before you submit it to OSA. Authors will receive an e-mail notification to download page proofs of their papers. Corrected proofs should be returned following the instructions in the notification as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours of receipt, to avoid publication delays.

    Login or Create Account. Allow All Cookies. Page Layout and Title Page The title should be concise but informative. Mathematical and Scientific Notation A. Displayed Equations Equations should be punctuated and aligned to show structure and should be numbered at the right: B.