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The board does not have to offer alternative education to students between the ages of 16 and 18 if the student has been expelled before or if the incident involved weapons or drugs. Otherwise, the expulsion will usually be erased if they graduate from high school.

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Your child will probably be asked on college applications if they were ever suspended or expelled. Your child should answer truthfully. College admissions officers will likely talk with your child about what happened and whether they have learned from the experience.

A new school district will probably hold its own expulsion hearing for the incident at the old school. It depends. Your child cannot be expelled for behaviors that are caused by a disability. This meeting is called a Manifestation Determination Review. If your school does not schedule this meeting, use Sample Letter C to request one. If the answer is YES to either of these questions, then the school district cannot expel your child. Usually, your child should be allowed to return to school right away.

However, if your child is in special education and they seriously hurt someone or the incident involved a weapon or drugs, the school could place your child in an interim alternative educational setting IAES for up to 45 school days. This is not an expulsion, but your child may be placed in the same program as expelled students or could receive only tutoring. If the PPT or team decides the answer to both questions above is NO , your child could be expelled. If you disagree with that decision, you can appeal.

You can use Sample Letter D if your child is in Special Education or Sample Letter E if your child has a plan to ask for an expedited hearing to appeal the decision. Your child will be educated until the due process or hearing is completed, but it may not happen at their current school. If your child is expelled, they must be placed in a program where their special education or services can be delivered in the least restrictive environment. If the school knew or should have known that your child has a disability and needs special education services, then they might not be able to expel your child as quickly.

If you think your child should have been identified as needing special education, ask the school in writing to schedule a Planning and Placement Team PPT or meeting before an expulsion hearing is held. Ask for the hearing to be postponed until after your child has been fully evaluated for special education. You should immediately request an evaluation of your child by asking for a PPT in writing.

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If your child is found to be eligible for special education services, the school must provide those services even if your child is already expelled. If you disagree with the evaluation results, you can request a hearing using Sample Letter D. If your child is eligible for special education, the Planning and Placement Team — which includes you — must meet quickly after the expulsion decision.

The team will decide where your child should be educated and what services your child needs in order to learn. But it still must allow your child to make reasonable educational progress. Make sure that your child attends any alternative education program consistently, and that your child completes school work. Make sure your child fulfills any conditions listed in the expulsion decision, for example, community service or therapy. Your child may be eligible for early readmission to school if they attend the alternative education program regularly, complete school work at a satisfactory level, and fulfill any special conditions.

Encourage your child to do well. Note: You should email or fax this request to the school as soon as possible. Keep a copy and proof of sending.

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Get PDF. My child is facing disciplinary proceedings, including a possible expulsion. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your assistance with this matter. Note: You should email or fax this request to the Hearing Officer or Board of Education as soon as possible. I would like you to subpoena the following witnesses, in accordance with Conn. Note: you should email or fax this request to the school principal as soon as possible. I ask that the school first schedule a PPT or meeting before taking any further disciplinary action.

Note: You should email or fax this request to the Connecticut Dept. Connecticut State Dept. The issue in dispute is the proposed expulsion of my child from school. Note: You should email or fax this request to the School District as soon as possible. Under age Find legal help or apply online. Not from Connecticut? Find help in another state. Was this website helpful? Take a quick survey. Practice going to court with our legal game.

Legal Help Finder. Artboard Main Content Home. School Expulsion: What Is the Process? What Can You Do? What is the difference between suspension and expulsion?

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A suspension can only last for up to ten days. An expulsion can last for up to one year. Who can decide to expel a student? The decision to expel will be based on statements and reports from the school, the student, and witnesses who saw what happened. When can a child be expelled? Students in grades K must be referred for expulsion if they had a weapon on school grounds or at a school activity, used a weapon to commit a crime on or off school grounds, or sold or tried to sell illegal drugs on or off school grounds.

Students in grades might be referred for expulsion if they broke a school rule on school grounds or at a school activity, were disruptive or put someone in danger on school grounds or at a school activity, or broke a school rule off school grounds in a way that prevents other students from learning. My child might be expelled.

What rights do we have? A hearing must be held before an expulsion can happen. The hearing should be held as soon as possible, and it must be held within 11 school days after the first day your child was suspended. If something prevents the hearing from being held within 11 days and there are safety concerns about your child returning to school, the child can be kept out of school until the hearing happens. You should get written notice from the school at least 5 business days before an expulsion hearing.

My child might be expelled. What rights do we have?

The notice must explain which rule the school thinks was broken and how they think your child broke it. The notice must also tell you the date, time, and location of the hearing and how you can get an attorney to represent your child. You have the right to get copies of the documents that the school will present at the hearing. You can ask for a list of the witnesses that the school plans to bring to the hearing and copies of written statements made by teachers or witnesses.

You can also ask for copies of any other records that you think may help you defend your child. Some districts call these documents the expulsion packet.

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See below: How can I get ready for the hearing? You have the right to be represented by an attorney at the hearing. Call Statewide Legal Services at right away to see if you can get free legal help.

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You have the right to ask to postpone the hearing to later date.