What does a criminal background check consist of

Open arrest warrants issued when law enforcement gives evidence that a suspect has committed a crime and bench warrants issued for failure to appear for a scheduled court proceeding generally do not appear as records themselves in background checks. Once a warrant has been executed, it becomes part of the criminal record, and its existence may be reflected in a criminal background check. Do dismissed charges show up on a background check? Cases resulting in dismissal may appear in some criminal background checks, and sometimes, even if the court has sealed case records, the arrest that led to the case may appear in a criminal-background search.

Criminal Background Check vs. Background Check: What's the Difference?

Do restraining orders show up on a background check? A restraining order known as an order protection in some states is considered a civil matter. It generally will not appear in a criminal background check, unless included as a footnote in the sentencing portion of a criminal record, but it may appear in public information databases and websites used by some pre-employment screeners. Violations of these orders are criminal matters, however, and arrests and court cases surrounding them will appear in criminal background checks.

What Does a Background Check Show?

Do bankruptcies show up on a background check? Because they are a matter of public record, bankruptcies are generally easy to discover and filings more than 10 years old may appear in non-FCRA compliant background checks. Do expunged or sealed records show up on a background check? When a court expunges a conviction or trial record, the case files are sealed off from public access, and the convicted party or defendant does not have to disclose the case when asked about their criminal history.

Sealed cases are not eligible for disclosure in most pre-employment background checks. If there is a significant time delay between the resolution of a case and the decision to expunge it, its records may continue to appear in criminal-background database searches until records are updated to reflect the expungement.

The existence of expunged convictions that involve mistreatment of children or other vulnerable individuals may be legally reported in Level 2 background checks, though unsealing the details of those records typically requires a court order. The contents of background check reports can vary considerably, depending on the nature of information required by the employer, and the number and quality of the information resources used by the screening company. The best way to ensure a check complies with federal and local regulations is to work with an FCRA-compliant background check provider , such as GoodHire.

And the best way to see what will appear on your FCRA-compliant background check is to run one on yourself. Disclaimer: The resources provided here are for educational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. We advise you to consult your own counsel if you have legal questions related to your specific practices and compliance with applicable laws. Jim Akin is a Connecticut-based freelance writer and editor with experience in employee relations, media relations, and social-media outreach.

He has produced content and managed internal communications, business-to-business outreach, and consumer-focused campaigns for clients including Experian, VantageScore Solutions, Pitney Bowes, Medtronic, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola. A pre-employment background check provides important details to make Should You Regularly Screen Employees? Stay on top of ever-changing background check laws with our ultimate guide to background check compliance.

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    What are the Different Types of Background Checks?

    Nov 8, The criminal background check. Simply put, a criminal background check is a check that searches for criminal misconduct.

    What Is a Criminal Background Check? - Trusted Employees

    It may show a single misdemeanor or a more serious form of a convicted felony. Criminal background checks only show crimes that an applicant may have committed.

    There are special criminal background checks that are only for certain types of crimes. For example, state criminal background checks only check for crimes that the applicant committed in a certain state. These types of background checks usually get their information from court records, police reports, and other resources. A criminal background check starts with the applicant giving you the information and consent needed to run a background check.

    Some states have laws that regulate the information you can obtain from them for a criminal background check. If you only run a regular background check, you could be unaware of serious crimes and violations that an applicant committed. This could put your employees in danger and may also get your company into legal trouble depending on your industry. You may also be breaking the law as some state and federal laws require criminal background checks on people in certain professions.

    Background check

    It is very important, therefore, that you have a criminal background check done on people you are thinking of hiring. There are lots of options for running A criminal background check on an applicant. As a rule, places that offer unreasonably fast background checks are most likely cutting corners and may not do as thorough a job as you need.

    At Trusted Employees, we offer a number of different criminal background checks including federal, state, and international criminal background checks. We can also help you decide what kind of criminal background check you need for your situation and create a custom plan that fits your individual needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our services.

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    • Happy hiring. She has worked in the background screening industry for over 15 years and holds Advanced Certification in the Fair Credit Reporting Act from the National Association of Professional Background. What Is a Criminal Background Check?